Our Building Envelope staff is dedicated 100% to roofing and waterproofing work. Since our inception, we have provided the institutional, industrial, and architectural communities with our attention to detail, schedule and cost control that will assure your complete satisfaction with our products and services. Providing Building Envelope Systems design and consultation and water infiltration studies affords us the ability to quickly respond to any condition that may arise for all roof-supporting substructure or facility needs. Additionally, our firm provides depth of knowledge and experience across all disciplines involved in Building Envelope (roofing, waterproofing and exterior walls) investigations, design, administration phases, and milestone / full-time inspection services. We also have a working relationship with many of the architectural firms in South Carolina and can easily bring them to the team as the need arises or support the architects already working for you.  Our group includes registered professionals in the field of roofing and waterproofing  dedicated to the fields building envelope consulting services.